Monday, June 16, 2014

Jess Does Cyberspace

My dear reader(s), I have at last created a Facebook page. It's right here. (No. Not here. You have to click the link. Back there. The text is in a different color, Dad. Yeah, in the sentence that begins with "It's." Yes, click it. Put your cursor on it, Dad. Now click.)

Did you click? If no, then go to hell. If yes, did you hit the "like" button. (It's not an actual button, Dad. It's a little rectangle with a thumbs-up. It says, "Like." Yeah, Dad, the blue one. Now click it. Yes, with your cursor over it.)

I'll be sharing links to my latest blog posts of course, but I'll also be sharing juicy tidbits about my snot-covered day, links to other great blogs and stories, and pictures. Here's your chance, reader(s), to troll me in a larger public forum. Exciting right?

Not me. 

And did I mention that I'm on Twitter? My handle is @rappadappa. Am I even capable of completing a thought in less than 140 paragraphs, let alone 140 characters? Well, follow me to find out. (I'll explain Twitter later, Dad. It's a website. I'll explain it later. No, characters as in letters and punctuation, not as in people. That doesn't even make sense. Look, we can talk about it later. No, it's not dirty.)

See you in cyberspace!


  1. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am that I am now able to stalk, errr, follow you on Facebook. Except I guess I just did.

  2. You should probably just make the whole post a link. Just to be safe.