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I'm Jess. I'm originally from Baltimore. I don't live there any more, but I will always be from there. You can take the girl out of Baltimore but you can't take Baltimore out of the girl, as they say, which I think is kind of like how you can't take the word "ass" out of "class." Now I live in the DC Metro area, which is safer but has fewer crab-flavored potato chips.

I wanted to be Donna Summer when I grew up. Instead, I majored in English and went on to earn an MFA in creative writing. Despite my very practical degree in spinning yarns, I've had to take a few odd jobs – managing a BabyGap, giving tours at an archaeological dig, teaching the occasional college English class, designing a correspondence course for "amateur poets," and managing journal production for the National Academy of Science.

These days, I'm a first-time mom (sex!), I eat a lot of snack chips (drugs!), and I work part-time as a technical editor and writer at an IT company (rock 'n' roll!). I have decades of editing and snack-chip-eating experience. But when it comes to mothering, I'm totally unqualified, albeit frighteningly earnest. Fortunately, my 2-year-old son, my husband, the family dog, and a party-sized bag of Tostitos love me unconditionally.

You can also find me on Facebook and on Twitter (@rappadappa).

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